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Honduras Esmerin Enamorado

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Size: 12oz


Coffee Description

Esmerin is an absolutely stunning example of what we love about working with our partners in Honduras; it is the epitome of quality and flavor in the cup. It is a beautiful combination of clean, crisp acidity and intense sweetness that matches the mouthfeel and body of this coffee.

Tasting Notes

Boysenberry, White Grape, Raw Sugar

Roast Level

Medium Light


Santa Barbara, Honduras

The Story

Esmerin Enamorado’s farm wraps around the Santa Barbara mountain in Honduras, sitting at 1,500 masl. The farm is dotted with Pacas coffee plants that are bordered by beautiful pink cedar trees and flowering purple bushes. Esmerin uses all organic practices, and has even created his own fertilizer mix that he uses on his farm. Despite the fact that he has a larger commercial coffee down the mountain, this farm is his passion project.

As this year’s harvest is smaller than in previous years, we are cherishing the time we have with this coffee. Those who had the chance to cup this coffee at the drying mill in Honduras say it has been their absolute favorite, and that is why we are sharing it with you.


Fully Washed


1,500 masl


Spring 2023



Brewing Suggestions

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