Our Craft:
We love food. We love the tension between art and science inherent in the creation of good food. We recognize that coffee is a seasonal fruit and that beans from different regions and climates should be treated differently. Finding an optimal roast profile for a given bean is often a labor intensive and time consuming process, but we believe that the only way to fully respect the intrinsic qualities of that bean is to tailor our roast to each lot.  In so doing we believe we are also respecting the hard work and attention to detail of those preceding us in the production chain. At Roseline Coffee we will always source the highest quality and freshest ingredients.

Roasting Approach:
At the most fundamental level, roasting is a process of applying heat to convert proteins and enzymes into simple sugars.  We aim to manipulate carefully and precisely this application of heat to bring out the most complex flavors and tactile experiences, leaving no trace or taste of the process itself. Rather than seeking to mask a coffee's given varietal, its terroir or processing, we work to highlight those properties, knowing they'll ultimately contribute to the aesthetic and enjoyment of the finished product.