Who We Are

Roseline Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster based in Portland, Oregon.

Great coffee doesn't happen by accident. It's the result of global collaboration that starts on a coffee farm and lands in your cup. Since our humble beginnings, we've been obsessed with consistency and ever-improving quality. When it clicks, our coffees embody the essence, beauty and complexity of their origin.

People always ask us about the meaning behind our name. The Roseline defines our standard. It’s what separates good coffee from great coffee. The full experience, the care that goes into every cup of coffee and every interaction you have in-store or online.

Great people

Our approach to consistently sourcing high-quality coffee is based on long-standing relationships with farmers and supply chain partners. This investment in the people closest to the coffee we roast and serve is key to having a deeper understanding of coffee.

Our team's commitment to excellence and each other allows us to understand and develop our product in a way that speaks to each coffee's terroir and unique characteristics.

Seasonal is best

Coffee is a seasonal fruit, just like the tomatoes from the farmer’s market. In fact, most coffee growing regions have a single primary harvest (with a secondary fly harvest), which varies from region to region.

We work with partners around the world to source the tastiest fresh crop coffees directly from producers and take great measures to ensure they're processed, transported, warehoused and roasted with the utmost care.

Trust the Beans

The two greatest assets of a specialty coffee roaster are: people and raw material. The knowledge and care required to source, procure and develop differentiated coffees are the things that poems are written about.

It’s our responsibility as your Roaster to develop and coax out the essential characteristics in each coffee. To achieve this, we adhere to a disciplined roasting philosophy that ensures we deliver a consistent, quality experience.

Nerd Out

We pride ourselves on continuously educating our team, wholesale accounts and customers on sustainable practices, coffee fundamentals and extraction science. Our Roastery serves as the main hub for our educational activities along with production, qualification, roasting and extraction.

Our team relentlessly trains and spends countless hours ensuring our staff and customers are educated about the coffee they prepare and drink.

Happily Prepared

Great coffee is more than just properly executed technique. Our hospitality-first approach creates a positive impact in our community and an enjoyable experience for all.

Our team takes enormous pride in our level of service, beverage preparation and personal interactions with customers and team members alike.

We’re always striving to operate above the Roseline!

“We source and roast coffees the way we feel best highlights what is inherent in the actual coffee seeds. No ego, no flair. Just really good product.”

Brett - Head of Coffee Quality