Ethiopia Mulish

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Coffee Description

Bursting with tropical fruit flavors with a juicy mouthfeel and a syrupy body. This lighter coffee has quickly become a standout for all our staff and guests!

Tasting Notes

Raspberry, Cacao & Raw Sugar

Roast Level



Guji, Ethiopia

The Story

The Mulish washing station is relatively young (2014), but has a grand reputation among coffee roasters. The station – 40 km away from Shakiso town – is now well established as one of the best in the Guji zone. Set on a slope leading down to the Mormora river, the washing station sits on four hectares of land. It is fully equipped for the coffee washing process. After it started operations, the number of coffee farmers in the area has grown, as have the number of those working with the washing station. In fact, Testi even had to expand operations in 2016 and open a sister washing station (Bishan Dimo) to serve farmers in the same area. Mulish washing station receives cherries from 880 Guji smallholders. Now, in 2023, over one thousand farmers bring their cherries to the Mulish and Bishan Dimo washing stations.


Fully Washed


1,800 - 2,200 masl


Winter 2022


Native Ethiopian Landrace Varieties

Brewing Suggestions

Each of our coffees are designed to be enjoyed at home. Not sure how to prepare, check out our Brewing Philosophy and FAQs to help guide you.

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