Colombia Gabriel Castaño Buendía

Colombia Gabriel Castaño Buendía

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Notes: Honeydew, Grapefruit & Chocolate Cake

Origin: Huila, Colombia
Processing: Fully Washed, 90 Hour Fermentation
Altitude: 1700-2000 masl
Harvest: 2022
Variety: Pink Bourbon

This single estate, single varietal Pink Bourbon microlot is from Gabriel Castaño Buendía. His family’s two-hectare finca, La Granada, located in the department of Huila, in the southern municipality of Acevedo, is where Gabriel Sr. started everything anew. There he planted the Pink Bourbon variety that was not very well known at the time, and crafted it to produce a truly exquisite cup of coffee. Although Gabriel is getting on in age and due to his health, can no longer drink coffee, he says he wouldn’t trade lives with anyone. He has 8,000 trees sown, and has become known throughout his municipality for introducing Pink Bourbon to his fellow producers.

This microlot is of the Pink Bourbon variety and was carefully hand-selected for ripeness by local and itinerant pickers. This coffee was treated to a prolonged fermentation. The cherries were weighed and kept intact for 96 hours, after which they were fermented for another 96 hours in tanks. The beans were then washed and put out to dry on parabolic dryers for 15 to 20 days. The resulting cup has notes of chocolate cake, honeydew and grapefruit.