San Joaquin -- Colombia

San Joaquin -- Colombia

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Notes: candied orange, vanilla, floral

Origin: Alto Naranjal, Buesaco, Nariño, Colombia
Producer: Leonardo Loaiza
Processing: fully washed
Altitude: 2100 meters
Variety: caturra
Size: 12oz

The first coffee in our 2018 Colombia microlot series, Finca San Joaquin resides in the remote community of Alto Naranjal in the department of Nariño, Colombia. The combination of extremely high altitude and favorable climatic conditions produce some of the most renowned coffees in Colombia. Leonardo Loaiza’s 7 acre farm has been producing high quality coffee for the past 5 years. His efforts are paying off as Mr. Loaiza has been able to reinvest in making his farm more accessible for his family and workers. San Joaquin also benefits from having its own micro-mill, allowing Leonardo to give extreme attention to detail during the processing stage. This 100% caturra lot is incredibly complex, showcasing flavors reminiscent of candied orange and vanilla with a floral olfactory sensation.