Mexico Cerro de Arena

Mexico Cerro de Arena

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Notes: Green Apple, Baking Spices, Honey

Origin: Cañada, Oaxaca, Mexico
Producer: Multiple Producers Surrounding the Community of Cerro de Arena
Importer: Red Fox Coffee Merchants
Processing: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1300-1500 masl
Harvest: Spring 2020
Varieties: Bourbon & Typica

Cerro de Arena is an exciting offering for us. Not only is it the first coffee from Mexico we've ever offered, but Mexico is also producing some of the most beautiful coffee we've tasted this season. It's no secret that the coffee quality coming from our southern neighbor has been turning heads for the past few years, and we are honored to be a part of the story of Mexican produced coffee.

From Red Fox Coffee Merchants:

Oaxaca is an enigma in many ways but also can produce some of the very best cups in the country. Production here is still overwhelmingly driven by original lines of Bourbon and Typica, including the unique Pluma variety in the southern coastal mountains. With 16 distinct indigenous groups/cultures alone, many of which grow coffee, the region is incredibly diverse from an environmental, climatic, and social perspective. There are so many logistical and cost-of-production challenges here, but that’s what excites and drives us to get better and bring these lots to more of our roasting clients and their end consumers. These are vibrant, delicious, sweet, sessionable coffees that seem to disappear from your cup because they go down so easily.

Our relationship with Cañada is a newer one. The coffees are worth the challenges that come with the unique microclimate of the region, with notes of big tropical fruit like juicy pineapple and papaya. Cañada brings its own distinct profile and has a longer, colder rainy season, making processing more of a challenge. They also have very isolated communities that are harder to access, without many connective roads — but are well worth the extra distance.

We’ve been building up our supply chain from the farm level (producers here average 1-2 hectares) in terms of quality improvement and separations, as well as price negotiations and premiums, rather than working from the exporter or co-op level down. Financing is a big challenge farmers face here, and we are committed to working creatively to solve this in both the short and long term. These lots represent an enormous effort of selecting and vetting for quality, and not just in the cup. They all pass strict moisture content and water activity parameters as well. We build all our bulk regional and community lots by evaluating each individual farmer’s deliveries, and we are paying a minimum price that far exceeds the rate that these farmers receive through traditional channels.