La Pia -- Guatemala

La Pia -- Guatemala

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Notes: pear, molasses and almond paste

Origin: El Durazno, Palencia, Guatemala
Producer: Victor Calderon
Processing: fully washed, sun-dried on raised beds
Altitude: 1700 - 1800 meters
Variety: Bourbon, Caturra & Catuai 
Size: 12oz


La Pia is located near the town of El Durazno in the province of Palencia. Farm owner Victor Calderon comes from a long line of coffee producers in Guatemala going back over 100 years. In 2001 he made the switch from producing commodity grade robusta to specialty grade arabica production. Victor is not only known for producing Cup of Excellence quality coffees, but he has also developed an interesting method to combat leaf rust on his three farms. While searching for a high alkaline solution to spray on his plants to combat leaf rust, Victor thought to apply the bentonite rich clay found on one of his other farms to his crop. This has resulted in lower instances of leaf rust with the added benefit of having a low environmental impact on his farms. This year's version of La Pia is a truly special coffee boasting a complex pear-like acidity and a mouth-filling honeyed sweetness.