La Folie -- Guatemala

La Folie -- Guatemala

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Notes: citrus, honey & chocolate
Origin: Antigua, Guatemala
Producers: Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora
Processing: fully washed
Altitude: 1500-1650 meters
Variety: bourbon & caturra
Size: 12oz

La Folie is an 80 acre farm just outside the city of Antigua in Guatemala. Owned by Mary Louise and Mary Anne Penny alongside farm manager, Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora. The 80 acre farm is planted equally between Bourbon and Caturra with many of the trees being up to 40 years old. Mr. Zelaya Zamora utilizes a rigorous replanting and renovation strategy; every 3 years almost every branch is removed from a given row of coffee trees. This may seem extreme but can increase yields and keep diseases such as coffee leaf rust at bay. The coffees harvested at La Folie are taken to the renowned Bella Vista mill for meticulous separation and processing. Both the owners and the management at La Folie consider the farm to be in its sweet spot and intend on focus their energy on honing their farm management skills and improving quality for the foreseeable future.