Kolla Bolcha -- Ethiopia

Kolla Bolcha -- Ethiopia

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Notes: vanilla, cream & tangerine

Origin: Gera, Jimma, Ethiopia
Producer: Kata Muduga Union Farmers Cooperative
Altitude: 1900 - 2200 meters
Processing: Fully Washed, 12 Hour Fermentation, Dried on Raised Beds
Variety: Indigenous Gera Varieties
Size: 12oz

This year marks the first offering from the Kata Muduga Union’s newest mill, Kolla Bolcha. The Kolla Bolcha mill also utilizes a Brazilian-made Penagos depulper to demucilage the coffee. Because this machine strips the cherries of a lot of the sticky mucilage, the coffee doesn’t need as much time in the fermentation tank. This can lead to exciting levels of cleanliness in the cup and a more focused flavor profile. The Gera district is already known for its stunning coffees, so we jumped at the chance to offer a coffee from Gera with a more pinpointed origin.