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Kenya Karatu PB

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Coffee Description

Classic Kenyan profile with particular sweetness arising from these dense and sugar-rich "peaberry" coffee seeds. Kiambu shines through with a bright and lush mouthfeel.

Tasting Notes

Plum, Melon, Grenadine

Roast Level

Medium Light


Kiambu, Kenya

The Story

The award-winning Karatu Coffee Factory is located near the town of Thika, Kenya. Around 2,500 small producers belonging to the Gitwe Farmers' Cooperative Society, including 300 youth, 700 women and 1,500 elderly men, process their coffee at Karatu. Coffee is selectively hand-picked and stringently hand-sorted prior to pulping. After pulping, coffee is fermented overnight and sorted by density before being delivered to the soaking tank by water pumped from the local Rwarbura river. After soaking, the coffee is spread out on raised drying tables and carefully monitored until it reaches around 11% moisture.

This lot is made up exclusively of the peaberries, or the tiniest beans from the harvest. Peaberries are simply a rare mutation of the coffee seed inside the cherry that happens when only one seed develops in the cherry, instead of two. This phenomenon often leads to dense beans with high levels of sugars, bounding with complex flavors.




1,900 masl




SL28, SL34

Brewing Suggestions

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