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Honduras Juan Benitez

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Coffee Description

We are excited to welcome back Juan Benitez. His Pacas coffee is immensely consistent, and his beans always brew with clarity and beautiful flavors. In your cup, you will enjoy notes of fudge, almond, plum, and other dark fruits.

Roast Level

Medium Light


Santa Barbara, Honduras

The Story

Juan Benitez has a strong commitment to people and coffee, priding himself on his family, his farm, and his work. Juan, with his big personality, is both a fixture in his community and as a coffee producer. His farm is full of Pacas coffee plants with a wet mill and drying beds in his backyard. From a drying bed, Juan can grab any coffee seed, chew it, and tell if it is at the right moisture level. He even stores all of the green coffee at his home until the harvest is over, making sure each part of the process is his own.

Juan’s coffee has a dense, fudge-like body and mouthfeel, but is elevated by a dark fruit flavor and acidity; all while having a nice nuttiness to round out the cup.


Fully Washed


1,650 masl


Spring 2023



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