Guatemala Crispin Matias

Guatemala Crispin Matias

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Notes: Green Apple, Baking Spice & Chocolate

Origin: San Antonio Huista, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Farm: La Esmeralda
Importer: Shared Source
Processing: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1700 masl
Harvest: Spring 2021
Varieties: Caturra & Bourbon

Nestled high up in the mountains of Huehuetenango lies Crispin Matias’ farm, Finca La Esmeralda. Huehuetenango typically produces some of the most highly regarded coffee grown in Guatemala. The high altitude, weather and volcanic soil composition in this region offer the perfect conditions for producing high quality coffee. Given these high altitudes and the remoteness of his farm, Crispin processes all of his coffee on site. Processing at the farm allows him to sell dry parchment directly to the market in order to keep more income from his crop as opposed to selling whole cherry to a local “coyote” who would typically undercut prices for his coffee significantly.

Crispin is a farmer who is dedicated to improving his farm and processes every year. Recently he has implemented some changes to his farm such collecting rainwater and composting spent coffee pulp with his chicken and sheep waste to help improve soil health for his crops. This year Finca La Esmeralda was the recipient of USAID grant funds to upgrade the depulper on their. Improvement in critical processing infrastructure like this enables farmers to cut back on waste that is caused by ageing and worn out equipment. In return, Crispin has committed to contributing the funds earned from the percentage of coffee that would otherwise has been wasted to other farmers in his network so they can also upgrade their equipment.

Crispin begins processing his coffee on the same day the cherries are picked. He first depulps the coffee then moves it into fermentation tanks to soak for up to two days. Lastly the coffee is dried on a concrete patio, covered with a shade cloth in an effort to slow drying times to 5-7 days. The clean flavor profile of the coffee produced here makes for great example of a high quality coffee from Huehuetenango. In the cup we taste the tart but sweet acidity of green apple layered with notes of baking spices and a chocolaty depth making it the perfect coffee to brew on a crisp fall morning.