Ethiopia Uraga - Bean Box

Ethiopia Uraga - Bean Box

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Notes: Peach, Hibiscus & Ginger

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia
Washing Station: Gogogu Bekaka
Importer: Red Fox Coffee Merchants
Processing: Fully Washed, Soaked for 60 hours
Altitude: 2000-2280 masl
Harvest: Winter 2020/2021
Varieties: Kurume & Wolisco

Managed by lifelong coffee trader Kedir Jebril (brother of Larcho Torka producer Abdi Jebril and Yabitu Koba producer Feku), Gogugu’s coffee goes through meticulous processing: he leaves freshly peeled seeds underwater for 60 hours compared to the average washing station’s 48. Coffees are then washed vigorously in elongated channels while also being selected for quality. The less dense Grade 2 quality beans are sifted off the top of the channel and taken to their own drying stations. The denser Grade 1 coffees eventually make it to a soaking tank where they’ll sit overnight removing any excess mucilage from the seed before they’re sent to the drying beds. Kedir keeps his parchment coffee covered in mesh for the first 5-6 days in order to avoid cracking and direct exposure to sunlight which can damage the integrity of the beans. After this first drying period the coffee is then opened to sunlight and left to dry for another 5-6 days before being conditioned in the storage warehouse for upwards of a month.