Ethiopia Duromina

Ethiopia Duromina

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Notes: Apricot, Jasmine and White Tea

Origin: Agaro Gera, Jimma, Ethiopia
Cooperative: Kata Maduga Cooperative Society
Importer: Red Fox Coffee Merchants
Processing: Fully Washed, Mechanically Depulped & Dried on Raised Beds
Altitude: 1900 - 2100 masl
Harvest: 2022
Varieties: Wild and Cultivated Native Ethiopian Varieties

Duromina is a well-known washing station with widespread name recognition, but it actually didn’t find its way to market until ten years ago, when USAID’s Technoserve project vested Agaro with brand-new processing equipment, allowing their coffee to showcase its unique character and improve the lives of those growing it in the process. Duromina operates under the leadership of the Kata Muduga cooperative union, whose continued investment in the co-op makes possible some of the most delicious and coveted coffees in the world.

Thanks to Technoserve’s initial investment and the stellar leadership within Kata Muduga, the processing at Duromina is immaculate, leading to an incredible showcase of the coffee’s natural potential year after year for a ridiculously long time off harvest. The secret? After Penagos processing equipment mechanically removes most of the fruit and mucilage from the seeds, they soak overnight in fiberglass tanks, allowing any remaining sugars to be fully removed from their surface so that the coffees are perfectly clean by the time they hit the drying beds for the eight-plus days they’ll need to dry.