Ethiopia Dimtu

Ethiopia Dimtu

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Notes: date, peach & black tea

Origin: Hambela, Guji, Ethiopia
Producer: Multiple small farms surrounding the Dimtu mill

Processing: fully washed, screen size 13/14 separation
Altitude: 2100 meters
Variety: Guji, Typica
Size: 12oz, 5lb


Dimtu mill owner Aklilu Biniam is a fourth-generation coffee professional in Ethiopia for whom coffee isn't just an afterthought. He and his family own a number of coffee washing stations, including Dimtu, where this beautiful coffee lot was processed. Dimtu has been open for one year and sits on two hectares of land. An Agard four-disk pulper is maintained every day in the morning before it begins operation. Rather than being grown on single-producer estates, coffee in the Guji Zone is purchased from nearby farmers who pick from their backyards, where coffee flourishes wild among other cash crops such as mangos and bananas. As such, farm sizes are small, usually between .5 and 2 hectares, which results in a typical multi-generation family producing from one to three 60-kilo bags of coffee. Guji and Gedeo Zones share many crossover characteristics in coffee processing and production, resulting in similar bright, sparkly coffees with heavy floral notes and an overall delicacy.