El Roble -- Colombia

El Roble -- Colombia

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Notes: red apple, nougat & brown sugar
Origin: Planadas, Tolima, Colombia

Producer: Enrique Isaboni
Processing: fully washed, 36 hour fermentation, patio dried
Altitude: 1800 meters
Variety: caturra & castillo
Size: 12oz

The second coffee in our 2018 Colombian Mircolot series comes from farmer Enrique Isaboni and his farm, Finca El Roble. Purchased in 2006, El Roble is truly a family effort. Enrique and his wife, Ana Cecilia Galindez, both come from coffee growing families and have recruited help from their children and grandchildren to help run the farm. Because the farm is fully staffed by family members, there is an extreme attention to detail to picking only ripe, undamaged cherries. This ensures a level of pre-sorting seldom found on coffee farms.

El Roble is stocked with about 14,000 coffee trees, evenly split between Caturra and Castillo. Even though Caturra is not a leaf rust resistant variety, Mr. Isaboni has not had a problem with rust as he maintains a good organic fertilizing regimen. The coffee grown on the farm is processed on-site and is washed 3 to 4 times. From there the coffee is dried on raised beds over 8 to 15 days depending on the weather.

El Roble is an extremely clean and sweet coffee. On the cupping table, we taste flavors of red apple, nougat and brown sugar.