Daniel Mijane -- Ethiopia

Daniel Mijane -- Ethiopia

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Notes: floral, honey & stonefruit
Origin: Kochere, Gedeb, Ethiopia
Producer: Daniel Mijane
Processing: fully washed
Altitude: 1900 - 2200 meters
Variety: Indigenous Kochere Varieties
Size: 12oz

From Red Fox:
Daniel Mijane, a native of Gedeb produces these lots through careful cherry selection, processing and drying at his wet mill located in the town of Worka in Gedeb province. Through partnerships with well-organized groups of farmers, Daniel has built extensive relationships in the area of Chelchele, Chelbesa and Gotiti. Due to the late harvest this year, coffees were picked and delivered to Mijane’s wet mill during late October. Daniel has introduced shade drying for the first time since he began processing washed coffee. The typical drying period is 18 days on raised beds. Daniel is convinced that his careful drying method greatly contributes to the complex soft florals in this cup.