Kiria-ini - Kenya

Kiria-ini - Kenya

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Notes: Rhubarb, Tangerine & Raw Sugar

Origin: Kirinyaga County, Kenya
Producer:  Kiria-ini Estate
Processing: Fully Washed, Screen Size AA Separation
Altitude: 1680 meters
Variety: SL34 & SL28
Size: 12oz & 5lb


Given Kenya’s coffee history, it is unsurprising that the cooperative has been the dominant seller of Kenyan specialty coffee. Specialty coffee buyers are very used to working with cooperatives and marketing Kenyan coffees in this way. But not all cooperatives are working equally well and it has often proved frustrating for a buyer to align themselves with specific coops and/or factories because of things like corruption, mismanagement issues, and fluctuating quality.


It is for these reasons, traceability concerns, etc., that Collaborative Coffee Source has started exploring relationships with both single estates as well as small farmer groups beginning to form micro-coops.


CCS has already had a lot of success with one small estate farmer relationship that was established two seasons ago: John Njoroge owner of Kiambu and Kiriani estates, who has produced great coffees for us two seasons in a row.