Colombia Ildefonso Cordoba - Pink Bourbon

Colombia Ildefonso Cordoba - Pink Bourbon

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Notes: Strawberry Lemonade & Cinnamon

Origin: Bruselas, Huila, Colombia
Importer: Shared Source
Processing: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1700-1850 masl
Harvest: Winter 2021
Variety: Pink Bourbon

Ildefonso Cordoba is a small scale farmer in the Huila department in southern Colombia. As a member of the Los Guácharos group, he and the other independent farmers in the organization are making a pivot toward more sustainable agricultural practices. This group is moving toward organic farming, making their own fertilizers, and installing complex water filtration systems in order to clean up waste water created during coffee processing.

The Pink Bourbon variety is a hybrid between the red and yellow bourbon varieties and produces coffee cherries that are pinkish-orange in color. This variety produces exceptional flavor qualities reminiscent of pink lemonade and a mild spiciness. It is also more resistant to disease than other popular varieties, produces a high yield and doesn’t require much fertilizer. Because of these traits, we expect to see many more Pink Bourbon samples landing on our cupping table in the future.

Ildefonso has a unique way of processing these Pink Bourbon cherries. After picking he leaves the cherries in nylon bags for 12 hours. He then dumps all the cherries into a floatation tank to sort out all of the over and underripe fruit, runs them through the depulper and screens in an effort to remove stray pulp. Lastly, he ferments the coffee in sealed bags, monitoring the fermentation carefully as the weather conditions shift, and then moves the coffee onto a drying deck to finish the processing phase.