Colombia Familia Tunja Lot #2

Colombia Familia Tunja Lot #2

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Notes: Pear & Toasted Almond

Origin: Cauca, Inza, Colombia
Importer: Red Fox Coffee Merchants
Processing: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1700-2000 masl
Harvest: Fall 2020
Varieties: Caturra, Typica & Colombia

The Familia Tunja is a multi generational family of coffee farmers producing coffee near the community of San Antonio in the Inza municipality of Colombia. San Antonio, like many other villages in Inza is home to just a few families all of which only have farms around 75 acres in size. Because these farms are of a smaller scale it can be difficult for individual farmers to produce enough volume of high quality coffee to sell at higher premiums on the specialty market. Without much volume even the most stunning coffee is typically blended into community lots which typically sell for a lower price because of the lower traceability. Olmedo, Noe, Juan de la Cruz, Faiber and Bautista Tunja combine their harvest in order to have enough coffee to sell as a distinct, highly traceable and premium quality lot to sell to green coffee importers like Red Fox. The traceability and quality coming from a single producer or family lot is key to the producer fetching a higher premium for their coffee, even over the relatively high prices we pay blended community lots.