Colombia Anibal Sanchez - Pink Bourbon

Colombia Anibal Sanchez - Pink Bourbon

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Notes: Raspberry, Juniper & Brown Sugar

Origin: Las Toldas, Huila, Colombia
Farm: Finca El Guayacanal
Importer: Shared Source
Processing: 24 hr. Cherry Ferment, Fully Washed
Altitude: 1900 masl
Harvest: Summer 2020
Variety: Pink Bourbon

Anibal’s farm Finca Finca El Guayacanal is located in the townships of Las Toldas, outside of La Argentina, in the Huila department. The 4 hectare farm is around 1900 masl and Anibal has dedicated 2 hectares of it to a small native forest that remains protected on his farm.

After careful picking (ensuring by color that ripe cherries are picked), Anibal leaves cherries for an initial controlled “cherry ferment” for 24 hours, where the fermentation process begins inside the cherries. Cherries are placed in a sealed bag and left in a cool place before returning the next day to de-pulp the coffee. From there, the coffee is left in an open, plastic tank for 24 hours. It’s washed twice with clean water before left to dry. The climate around La Argentina is especially prone to re-humidifying coffee because of frequent rainfall and steep forests surrounding the area, so it’s especially important to ensure that the coffee is fully dried. To keep the parchment fully dried it is carefully stored in plastic bags to keep it from reabsorbing humidity.

The Pink Bourbon variety is a rare and naturally occurring cross pollination between the red and yellow bourbon varieties which give it its distinct pink color. The variety is known for being difficult to cultivate. Farmers must go through extra processes to encourage successful cross pollination to encourage continued production of the pink fruit. While there is novelty to the pink fruit of this variety, the cup quality is where this coffee truly shines. This lot in particular offers a punchy raspberry and juniper effervescence along with a syrupy depth that is more reminiscent of a high quality coffee from Kenya and makes us reexamine our expectations of what coffee from Colombia can taste like.