Beirut -- Peru

Beirut -- Peru

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Notes: currant, cocoa, candied almond
Origin: San Martin, Corosha, Peru
Producer:  Multiple Co-op Shareholders 
Processing: fully washed, dry fermented, dried on raised beds
Altitude: 1900 meters
Variety: caturra, typica, and bourbon
Size: 12oz


The Alto Mayo protected rain-forest is a haven for native Peruvian wildlife. It also happens to be home to some of the last undiscovered quality coffee in Peru. Despite the protected status of Alto Mayo, Conservation International has teamed up with the Peruvian government to help save the native forest from destructive farming practices and provide a higher quality of life for native coffee farmers. Through education and a series of restrictions and audits, farmers are adopting sustainable farming practices to produce their coffees. Although initially met with some skepticism, these methods are paying off in terms of quality, yield, and price. We are excited to bring this lot to our menu as it represents a model platform for the future of coffee farming and production in the Americas. Beirut presents succulent flavors of currants and cocoa with a candied almond sweetness.