Transparency and Social Responsibility

As a company Roseline Coffee commits to transforming the way we look at our social responsibilities to work toward a future that is fair for all. With coffee having deep roots in colonialism, we have a responsibility to rethink our place in the industry. This continues with prioritizing action over performative activism. As our coffee quality is the result of continual refinement coupled with years of experience, so is our pursuit of equity. 

Here are some of the concrete steps we are taking to ensure our operations reflect our values: 

  • We have discontinued purchasing packaging supplies from the company Uline, as it's known to be a mega donor to politicians and organizations perpetuating blatantly racist ideologies. 
  • We are committing a percentage of profits to local non-profits working for racial justice, LGBTQ rights and environmental issues for the indefinite future.
  • We will be establishing an employee library of books written by black authors to confront our whiteness and learn more about how we can combat internalized racism and biases.
  • We have started the process of changing our packaging from plastic bags with a foil lining to a sustainable/compostable alternative. We recognize that environmental issues are racial issues, and even though this effort may feel small, every little change helps.
  • We are developing transparency reports to bring accountability to our sourcing practices and to provide assurance that our pricing structure reflects our values. 
We always welcome conversation about these actions and any blind spots we may have in order to foster a culture of equity and self improvement.