Santa Rosa - Colombia

Santa Rosa - Colombia

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Notes: Cherry, Nougat & Cocoa Nib
Origin: Santa Rosa, Nariño, Colombia
Producer/Farm: Vergilio Castillo / La Cuadra
Processing: fully washed
Altitude: 2100 meters
Variety: Caturra & F4 Colombia
Size: 12oz & 5lb


Roseline Coffee is proud to partner with Red Fox coffee importers to offer two micro-lot coffees from some of the most remote areas of Nariño in Colombia. Traditionally coffees from these further reaches of Northern Nariño were collected by coyotes (intermediary buyers) and taken to Buesaco, which is the main hub for parchment trading in Northern Nariño. With cash in hand, these intermediaries were often able to purchase parchment coffees from these producers at levels much lower than what they should get for the quality. Together with FUDAM, Red Fox creates the necessary incentives for these producers to step away from these coyotes.

The harvest period in the village of Santa Rosa is between May-August. Virgilio Castillo has been producing coffee on finca La Cuadra since 1998. The average age of the coffee trees on the farm is about 6 years old.