Kiunyu -- Kenya

Kiunyu -- Kenya

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Notes: black cherry, honey & black tea
Origin: Kiunya, Kirinyaga, Kenya
Producer: Karithathi Farmers Cooperative Society
Processing / Separation: fully washed / peaberry
Altitude: 1650 meters
Variety: SL34 
Size: 12oz

About Kiunyu:
Kiunyu Coffee Factory is located within the Kirinyaga district of the Central province of Kenya. Kiunyu factory serves the members of the Karithathi Farmers Cooperative Society.

The washing stations that produce our coffee pride themselves on having some of the best-paid cherry producer members in the country. The system at the Kenyan Coffee Auction is refreshingly transparent in its communicating where coffees come from, its systematic organization of coffee by screen quality (such as size and physical attributes), and in its practice of rewarding cup quality/sensorial attributes.

Coffees from this origin are known for their powerful aromas, refreshing acidity, flavors of sweet berries, rich mouthfeel, and clean and lingering aftertastes.