Keramo -- Ethiopia

Keramo -- Ethiopia

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Notes: date, peach & black tea

Origin: Bensa, Sidama, Ethiopia
Producer: Multiple small farms surrounding the Keramo mill
Processing: fully washed, screen size 13 separation
Altitude: 2400+ meters
Variety: 74/158, 74/110 & Setami
Size: 12oz


Keramo is an exciting relationship to us, high in the beautiful Bombe mountains. It is positioned in a deeply remote portion of the mountains, so far from central structures that it does not have its own central washing station. This was lucky for us because they chose to process their coffees through the Bombe Washing Station to our specifications. This coffee blew us away and quickly became a team favorite on the cupping table. It is characteristically dense, with heavy concentrations of the smaller screen sizes (the majority of the coffee screen sized at 13/14, which is highly unusual.) Prior to this harvest, communities like Keramo and Bombe (another of our offerings) produced coffees that were collected and brought to Shantawene washing station, where we purchased them as mixed lots from that mill. So, in a sense, Keramo is not a new relationship - but this is the first year we can pay homage to the particular flavor and properties in this unique coffee lot, and we are deeply excited.