Ethiopia Sundried Kokosa

Ethiopia Sundried Kokosa

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Notes: Honeydew, Berries & Cream

Origin: Bensa, Sidama, Ethiopia
Washing Station: Moplaco, Kokosa
Importer: Red Fox Coffee Merchants
Processing: Dry (Natural)
Altitude: 2100-2300 masl
Harvest: Winter 2020
Varieties: Native Ethiopian Landrace Varieties

Just like Hamesho Kebena, Kokosa is also produced by Heleanna Georgalis, owner of the Moplaco washing stations and a fourth generation coffee professional who began farming after her father’s passing. Heleanna’s background as a banker may not have made her the most conventional candidate to take over the reins, but it has proven invaluable to the family’s legacy as she has taken over the family land and improved upon not only the business practices, but the coffee quality and production as a whole.

Kokosa is the first sun dried (natural processed) single origin offering Roseline has offered. Because dry processed coffees are typically dominated by wild and overly fermented flavors, we tend shy away from coffees processed this way as our preference is for the clean and complex flavors of washed processed coffee. However when Red Fox let us sample this coffee we were amazed by how fruit forward and uniquely clean the flavor profile was. We are excited to offer this coffee as it is a flawless execution of this processing method.