El Pilar -- Guatemala

El Pilar -- Guatemala

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Notes: tropical fruit & maple syrup
Origin: Antigua, Guatemala
Producer: Juan Carlos Chen
Processing: fully washed
Altitude: 1600-1900 meters
Variety: bourbon
Size: 12oz


El Pilar is the second Guatemalan micro-lot to be featured on the Roseline Coffee menu this year. Though El Pilar is located on a large plot of land, only 5% of it is dedicated for the farming of coffee with the rest being dedicated as a natural reserve. Farm manager Juan Carlos Chen is dedicated to sustainable farm management practices and only utilizes conventional farming tactics as a last resort to help combat pest, disease and production issues. Mr. Chen obtains soil samples using satellite data to ensure a conservative and precise application of fertilizer. This ensures that groundwater contamination is avoided and there is no impact to the natural spaces surrounding the farm. El Pilar is a highly complex coffee with flavors reminiscent of tropical fruits and maple syrup.