Ecuador Las Tolas

Ecuador Las Tolas

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Notes: Kiwi, Brown Sugar & Golden Raisin
Origin: Pichincha, Quito, Ecuador
Producer: Arnaud Causse
Importer: Red Fox Coffee Merchants 
Processing: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1600-1800 masl
Harvest: Fall 2019
Varieties: Bourbon & Caturra
Size: 12oz, 2lb, 5lb

It's been a few years since Roseline has offered a coffee from Ecuador,
and we are excited to see it return. Las Tolas is a farm owned by
seasoned French agronomist Arnaud Causse. After refusing to go into
mandatory military service, a young Mr. Causse was shipped off to
Central Africa to work on a Robusta farm. It was there he gained
coffee producing experience. After he fulfilled his service
requirements, Arnaud went on to work as an agronomist for other coffee
farms in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Costa Rica and El Salvador before moving to
Ecuador. In addition to experience, he brought along a diverse collection
of coffee seed stock. Now two decades later, Las Tolas is regarded as a
leader in Ecuador for quality coffee production and shares its seed
stock with neighboring farms.

It's no secret that coffee from Ecuador consistently fetches some the
highest prices for coffee of all the countries in Central and South
America. Why is Ecuadorian coffee so expensive? The answer is higher
costs of production. After switching its currency to the US dollar in
2000, Ecuador experienced hyperinflation and a banking crisis. The
country also has a much higher labor cost than other coffee producing
countries. Since 2007 the minimum wage has increased from $170/month
to $450/month in addition to mandatory bonuses, vacation pay,
healthcare and social security contributions. For example, the average
worker at Las Tolas receives almost six times the wage as the average
laborer in Colombia. Offering coffee from Ecuador is important not
only because of its high quality, but it also provides proof that the
consuming market will pay for coffee that is priced to reflect
equitable pay for laborers and that covers the true costs of production.